About Chongqing

The city of Chongqing (also called Shancheng, Qiaodu, Wudu) can be best described as southwest China’s commercial capital. Since 1997, the city has become the fourth municipality, independent from Sichuan Province, to be under the direct control of the central government.

The major port of the upper Yangzi River and gateway to the famous “Three Gorges,?Chongqing now includes most of the former eastern Sichuan Province, with a population of 30 million. It is a major center of iron and steel production, motorcycle manufacturing and shipbuilding, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical production. The religious cliff sculptures of Dazu and Baodingshan and the Three Gorges scenic region of the Yangzi River are all nearby, making Chongqing an important center for tourism despite the scarcity of notable sights within the city proper.


The education system in Chongqing, as elsewhere in China, can be simply summarized as "four educations" and "7 levels". The "four educations" refers to pre-school education, primary education, secondary education and higher education. The "7 levels" refers to kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, senior high school, higher college education, undergraduate education and postgraduate education.

By the year 2013, there are 674 primary schools,894 high schools and 80universities.(According to the report of Education Office of Chongqing)

About Chongqing University

Chongqing University is in possession of 17 state key subjects and 14 key subjects under the state "211 Project", 38 provincial or ministerial key subjects. The university sets up 14 specially appointed professor posts under the "Yangtze River Scholar Award Program". It has established 3 national teaching bases for fundamental courses and a national quality education base for college students, 9 national key labs and ministerial key labs, 71 provincial key labs, and 130 labs of different specialties. Moreover, Chongqing University has constructed the distance education center, multi-media classrooms of large scale and interactive audio-visual classrooms, labs or training centers in cooperation with world famous enterprises such as Siemens, Microsoft, IBM, Rockwell, Omron, etc. The university has a national key publishing house, a national first-class architectural designing institute, and a first-class institute for planning and design.


Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship Date?014-06-16 Attention?48 Print
In order to encourage more outstanding international students to pursue a higher education in Chongqing, facilitate the internationalization of the higher education institutions in Chongqing, Chongqing Municipal Government launches the Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship.


1. First-class scholarship
2. Second-class scholarship

Details of Scholarship

1. First-class scholarship: 25,000-35,000/year
Standard (RMB/month) and delivering method:
Undergraduate students & general visiting students: 25,000 RMB (this amount of money from which 600 RMB for medical insurance is deducted will be delivered in 12 months)
Master degree students & general visiting students: 30,000 RMB (this amount of money from which 600 RMB for medical insurance is deducted will be delivered in 12 months)
Doctoral candidates & senior visiting students: 35,000 RMB (this amount of money from which 600 RMB for medical insurance is deducted will be delivered in 12 months)


How about the cuisine of Chongqing?

Chongqing food is largely a hybrid of Sichuan cuisine and local specialty dishes. Chongqing's city centre has many restaurants and food stalls where meals often cost less than RMB10. Local specialties here include dumplings and pickled vegetables and, different from many other Chinese cuisines, Chongqing dishes are suitable for the solo diner as they often served in small individual sized portions. Among the delicacies and local specialties are these dishes:

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